Looking for design inspiration?  See how others used composite panels in their applications and perhaps get an idea or two for your next project.

Entrances / Canopies

Perhaps the biggest place to make your impact.  Bring metal front and center where visitors to a building get that first sense of the structure and its identity.

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Curves / Columns

Elegant and modern. From long, smooth curves that carry the eye along an elevation to column covers that add a degree of mass with finesse, metal offers a sleek touch.

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Fascias / Soffits

Unobtrusive yet complementary.  Metal fascia provides an opportunity to continue the theme of the structure while metal soffits offer low maintenance functionality.

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Walls / Accents

This is where metal shines.  Turning an elevation into a dynamic harmony with unexpected grids and bold colors provides a high-end aesthetic with class and flair.

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