Colors & Finishes

Along with a number of different panel compositions and attachment systems, we offer a variety of finishes to meet all your project requirements.


5-Year Finish Warranty

Durable yet budget-friendly.
These styles provide excellent durability and an economical solution. Available in a wide range of colors, the textured finishes help conceal any dings or dents and the smooth finishes provide an alternate option for glazing infill. 

SERIES A: Standard Textured Polyester (.010″) 

SERIES B: Premium Textured Acrylic Urethane (.010″) 

SERIES D: Standard Smooth Polyester (.024″) 

Stock PVDF Finishes

30-Year Finish Warranty

Guaranteed performance just got better.
As an industry benchmark, Kynar 500® coatings have long been known for quality that endures.

Kynar 500® Solids 

Kynar 500 – Micas 

The beauty of color, the shine of metal.

Mixing mica or metallic flakes within the paint coating allows the base color to offer additional pop, bringing depth to the building elevation. This look is further enhanced by the way in which these flakes reflect the light from different viewpoints. 


20-Year Finish Warranty

Anodized aluminum.
These finishes are chemically and electrically produced (not just an anodic-look paint), and offer an excellent complement to storefont and glazing system extrusions. 


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