Consol Energy

Panel Used

Envelope 2000®
Rout & Return (RR)
Shop-Fabricated ACM / MCM

Color Used

Champagne Metallic
36,000 Square Feet
Series H – Kynar 500®

Industry Artisan

East Coast Metal Systems
Bellaire, OH
John Hyde
“The material was outstanding to work with. The Citadel core is hard and damage-resistant. And the rout and return system fabricates quickly and easily.”
John Hyde – East Coast Metal Systems

Since 1860, CONSOL Energy has met the country’s energy needs by developing vital coal resources. The new corporate headquarters building in Canonsburg, PA is designed to reflect CONSOL’s evolution from a single-fuel mining company into an innovative, world-class producer of both high-BTU coal and gas.

More than 36,000 sq. ft. of Citadel Envelope 2000® Rout & Return System metal composite material (MCM) panels were used to help create the desired image. “From the onset, we knew we would use metal panels because of the contemporary nature of the building,” said Kevin Turkall, lead architect and president of Designstream Architectural Studio, Pittsburgh. “We wanted slick, clean-looking materials that would afford the opportunity to create crisp lines.”Design for the 365,000 sq. ft. facility was awarded to Designstream after a competition between several firms.

“You can’t pull off a project like this without having a good client,” Turkall said. “The CONSOL team was great. They wanted the building to be unique and the design to reflect the character of the company and the industry. They were very open to our design creativity.”According to Turkall, the canopy roof abstraction represents a conveyor belt, the tall metal silos at the entrance represent ventilation towers and the granite and dark glass symbolize coal seams in the earth.The project is seeking LEED Silver certification and includes an earthen rooftop that features landscaping, picnic tables and plaza seating.Fabrication of the Citadel panels was done by East Coast Metal Systems, Bellaire, OH.

“The material is outstanding to work with,” according to John Hyde, project manager. “The Citadel core is extremely hard and damage-resistant. And the rout and return system fabricates quickly and easily.” Mohawk Construction & Supply, McMurray, PA, installed the panels. “We’ve installed all three types of Citadel systems and each one has specific benefits,” said Mark Viehman, project manager. “We generally like to subcontract for a furnished and engineered product.

The Citadel rout and return system is really pretty easy to work with. On the CONSOL project, the only real challenge was the upper and lower cornices where the panels had to be segmented around an outside and inner radius.”The construction manager on the project was Continental Building Systems, Pittsburgh. The Citadel sales representative was Brad Bridges, R.J. Bridges Corporation, Carnegie, PA.



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