Carmel Medical Pavilion

Panel Used

Envelope 2000®
Reveal (RV) System
Field-Assembled ACM / MCM

Color Used

Silver Metallic
2,500 Square Feet
Series H – Kynar 500®

Industry Artisan

Architects Forum
Indianapolis, IN
Tom Jolly
“They are more cost-effective than other similar products and we do not have to sacrifice aesthetics.”
Tom Jolly – Architects Forum

The Carmel Medical Pavilion is located in a very visible location in Carmel, Ind. While completing an extensive interior remodel, the decision was made to update the exterior appearance, with the help of metal composite material from Citadel Architectural Products.“The exterior was comprised mostly of brick and had a dated appearance,” says Tom Jolly, AIA, a partner at Architects Forum in Indianapolis.

“We designed a two-story wing wall feature, clad with Envelope 2000 silver metal panels, to present a more prominent and modern look to the building entrance that faces a busy vehicular roundabout.”Jolly says he’s been specifying architectural construction products from Citadel for 20 years. “

They are more cost-effective than other similar products and we do not have to sacrifice aesthetics,” he says.Approximately 2,500 square feet of Envelope 2000® was installed on the wing wall. Envelope 2000 is a composite panel, consisting of two aluminum skins bonded to a thermoset phenolic resin core. Standard sizes available include 8-, 10- and 12-foot lengths, in widths measuring 4 or 5 feet. It is designed for use as an exterior cladding on walls, canopies, fascia and accent bands. Spohn Associates of Indianapolis was the representative of the Envelope 2000 for this project. Reflections Glass & Mirror of Indianapolis has been installing Citadel products for Spohn Associates for 18 years and handled the successful install at the Carmel Medical Pavilion.“

This was a small job for us, but the Envelope 2000 added a lot to the project,” says Bill Sprauer of Reflections Glass & Mirror. “We came in to install the composite panel, but had to do some work on the substrate, which was built by the general contractor. We had to tighten up some of the corners, make sure there were no gaps in the plywood.

Once we got that all worked out, we could install the Envelope 2000 to spec, to get the best performance out of it.”Sprauer says his company was onsite about two weeks. “We install a lot of product from Citadel,” says David Heckman, crew chief from Reflections Glass & Mirror.

“I like the fact we can fabricate material ourselves on the jobsite. When it’s fabricated by someone else, the numbers don’t always work out and then you have to re-order, or tear it apart and start over. When we fabricate it ourselves, we know it’s going to fit together and be watertight.”



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