Citadel manufactures a wide variety of composite panels for many types of applications.  Unlike others within the industry, we not only manufacture the panels, but also design, test, and offer the systems by which they are installed.

Field-Assembled Cladding

These budget-friendly systems offer quick lead time, on-site fabrication, as well as a number of different core options to suit your specific application.

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Field-Assembled ACM / MCM

All the benefits of a tested ACM / MCM in a system that can be fabricated on-site, along with a quick lead time makes these products the optimization of value.

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Shop-Fabricated ACM / MCM

Offering the ultimate in high-end aesthetics and performance, these systems provide both wet and dry sealed options to meet the most demanding requirements.

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Glazing Infill Panels

As a complement or replacement for glass, infill panels are the perfect solution for a number of different storefront or window applications.

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