• Fully fabricated system offers high end aesthetics
  • Rout & Return (RR), Rainscreen (RS), Reveal (RV) and Deep Reveal (D-RV) attachment systems
  • Dense core provides ultimate panel flatness
  • Available in Kynar 500®, metallics & anodized finishes
  • Can be curved to form clean, graceful lines

Envelope 2000® is a composite panel for exterior use made by laminating an aluminum skin to a substrate of thermoset phenolic resin. A second aluminum skin is added as a backer and provides thermal stability and panel balance. This system is designed for use as exterior cladding on walls, canopies, fascias, and accent bands. However, Envelope 2000® is also ideal for other applications where a high end look is desired.

Similar to Panel 20®, Envelope 2000® is impact resistant, water resistant, and provides ultimate smoothness in a variety of finishes. However, a thicker core and fully fabricated attachment systems takes this panel to the next level in exterior cladding.

Envelope 2000® Deep- Reveal attachment system combines several aspects of both shop- fabricated and field- assembled attachment methods; the D- RV system brings a new dimension to metal composite material (MCM) installation.


Composition & Materials
  Component   Standard (in)   Metric (mm)
  • Prefinished Smooth Aluminum Face
  • Thermoset Phenolic Resin Core
  • Primed Smooth Aluminum Backer

Panel Weight & Thickness
  Property   Standard (in)   Metric (mm)
  • Panel Weight
  • Nominal Thickness
  1.33 lbs/ft²
  6.47 kg/m²

Sizes Available
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
4' x 12'
5' x 8'
5' x 10'
5' x 12'
48" x 96"
48" x 120"
48" x 144"
60" x 96"
60" x 120"
60" x 144"
(1219mm x 2438mm)
(1219mm x 3048mm)
(1219mm x 3658mm)
(1524mm x 2438mm)
(1524mm x 3048mm)
(1524mm x 3658mm)

Panel Lamination

5 Year Warranty

The Rout & Return System (RR) is a barrier system in which panels are fabricated and formed into 'pans' and then mounted onto the substrate using aluminum extrusions.  All fasteners are concealed and panel joints (1/2" reveal typical) are finished with an approved sealant.

The RainScreen System (RS) is based upon the 'rainscreen principle' and allows incidental water to enter the cladding cavity, but then be drained through the system via weepholes.  Also utilizing formed panels, this system is mounted using aluminum extrusions.  Panel joints are finished using color matched or complementary accent strips that 'float' within the extrusions allowing a reveal from 1/2" to 12".

The Reveal System (RV) utilizes one piece extruded aluminum moldings.  This barrier system features a progressive installation.  The moldings are mechanically fastened to the substrate and then the panels are inserted into the moldings, along with sealant.  The panel is adhered to the substrate at the intermediates with construction adhesive.  Reveal (1/2" typical, 3" also available) and batten profile moldings are standard.


 Installation Videos:


 One Piece Molding System

  • Black


Series F

Standard- Plus Kynar 500®

Series G

Premium Kynar 500®

Series H

Standard Kynar 500® Mica/ Metallic

Series I

Standard Anodized

Series J

Premium Anodized

Wood Grain Finishes

Many other wood grain patterns and colors are available
Available in 48" wide only