Wood Grains


.024" smooth aluminum provides
an excellent, flat substrate for
the anodizing process.

Standard Width

Due to the process by which
this finish is made, colors are
available in 48" width only.

Finish Warranty

This economical choice offers
a durable finish that is backed by
a standard 5-year warranty.

Warmth of Wood, Durability Of Metal

These finishes bring the natural beauty and warmth of wood to a composite panel.  Various grain patterns and hues are available to simulate various species of wood to complement and design requirement.

Barrel Oak - LT

Barrel Oak - DK

Heritage Oak - LT

Heritage Oak - DK

Millwork Cherry - LT

Millwork Cherry - DK

Heirloom Cherry - LT

Heirloom Cherry - DK

Mountain Pine - LT

Mountain Pine - DK

Hampton Teak - LT

Hampton Teak - DK

Northwest Fir - LT

Northwest Fir - DK

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