Bremer Student Center

Job Credits

  • COLOR:
  • SQUARE FEET: 4500
  • ARCHITECT: Rice Fergus Miller Architecture & Planning, Bremer
  • INSTALLER: Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc., Everett, WA
  • SOLD BY: Pacific Architectural Products Inc., Clackamas, OR

Used on this Project

Case Study

Approximately 4,500 sq.ft. of Citadel's Envelope 2000® Rainscreen (RS) System was used to renovate the Bremer Student Center at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA. The $4.2 million project also included renovation of the college bookstore and meets the campus design standards for exterior materials which include prefinished metal panels, brick and curtainwall.

The panels were finished in Atlantic Sunrise and Shasta White. The Citadel Rainscreen (RS) System is one of three Citadel-designed and tested installation systems utilizing Envelope 2000® metal composite material (MCM).

"Citadel was a very cost effective solution compared to other metal panels," said Ron Easterday, principal and project architect with Rice Fergus Miller Architecture & Planning, Bremerton, WA. "This was a major teardown renovation of an aging building. One of our goals was to create a significant front entry to the Student Center that would serve as sort of a 'beacon' for the campus and make the building noticeable and identifiable. Although there was a modest amount of the Citadel material used, the panels made a significant impact. The new look for the Student Center has been very well received and brings the building into compliance with the new design vocabulary for the campus."

Fabrication and installation of the Citadel panels was done by Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc., Everett, WA. "Rainscreen is pretty much the way of the future here," according to Brian Elbert, co-owner of Northshore. "The Citadel panels protect the waterproofing at the wall. The rainscreen stops almost 100% of the water and what little does get through is stopped by waterproofing. We've used Citadel on probably half a dozen jobs. It's good looking material." The Citadel distributor on the project is Pacific Architectural Products, Clackamas, OR.

Citadel Architectural Products, Inc. offers one of the most complete selections of cladding solutions in the industry. From high-end fabricated metal composite material (MCM) to field-assembled systems and glazing infill panels, Citadel provides value at all levels.