• Simple 'sheets & sticks' installation saves time & money
  • Non- Progressive installation means easy panel removal of damaged panels if necessary
  • Impact resistant douglass fir plywood core
  • Textured skin helps hide dents & dings
  • Most foreign matter easily cleaned using mild detergents

CleanCote® Xylem® is a composite panel for interior use made by laminating an aluminum skin to a substrate of douglas fir plywood. A fiberglass reinforced kraft/foil scrim backer is added for panel balance and acts as a moisture barrier. This system is designed for use as interior cladding on walls in cleanroom type applications. However, Xylem® is ideal for other applications where durable and easily maintained surfaces are primary concerns.

CleanCote® Xylem® features moldings that are nearly flat to the panel face reducing the amount of dust collection.


Composition & Material
  Component   Standard (in)   Metric (mm)
  • Prefinished Textured Aluminum Face
  • Exterior Grade Douglas Fir Plywood Core
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Kraft/Foil Scrim Back
  (or) Primed Textured Aluminum Back

Panel Weight & Thickness
  Property   Standard (in)   Metric (mm)
  • Panel Weight
  • Nominal Thickness
  1.02 lbs/ft²
  4.98 kg/m²

Sizes Available
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
4' x 12'
5' x 8'
5' x 10'
48" x 96"
48" x 120"
48" x 144"
60" x 96"
60" x 120"
(1219mm x 2438mm)
(1219mm x 3048mm)
(1219mm x 3658mm)
(1524mm x 2438mm)
(1524mm x 3048mm)

Panel Lamination
Standard Smooth Polyester
1 Year Warranty
5 Year Finish Warranty

CleanCote® Xylem® offers a non-progressive attachment system utilizing two piece (plastic receiver and an aluminum cover) extruded moldings.

First, the receiver is fastened to the studs and then covered with the edge of the panel. The panels are then mechanically fastened to the studs around the perimeter and adhered in the field of the panel using construction adhesive.  After an approved sealant is applied, the joint is completed using aluminum snap-on covers.

Our interior line of panels is available in either smooth or textured finishes in both aluminum and plastic (depending upon which product is specified).

The plastic skins are available in both textured and smooth FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

The standard color is white for all interior panel systems. Other colors may be available depending on product. Contact inside sales for assistance.